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Friday, February 11, 2011

THE Karnival “WOW” Putrajaya 2011

Pictures of the final preparations. The event will start this evening 11 / 12 /2011 at precint 2 Putrajaya (in front of MOF Building "Ministry Of Finance") . Please check my previous post for the schedule.

The Stage

----------------1.00pm picture updates----------

The Stage

Some of the super cars for display ~ Ferrari ~ Putrajaya

~ Lamborghini ~ Putrajaya

~ The Formula 1 Racing car ~

Don't miss the chance to capture your photo with these machine.

I was informed that they will allow you to get in the drivers seat for photo shoot which has never happened before. Normally they only allow public to take photo a few meters away from the car. You'll never get closer than that ! grab the chance.
RM10 per photo. Only at "WOW" Putrajaya.

All that it takes is just RM 5 for a chance to WIN

Ferrari 360 Modena F1 Test Drive at Sepang Circuit

Pertandingan menghias kek

Kids Corner

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