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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Pulau Terbesar di Malaysia

Pernahkah korang terfikir tentang pulau yang paling besar di Malaysia? Apa? Pulau Borneo? Aah betul gak tekaan korang tu. Aku baca wikipedia tadi, Pulau Borneo merupakan pulau ketiga terbesar di dunia. Tapi Pulau Borneo ni bukan terletak di Malaysia je sebab kongsi sekali dengan Brunei dan Indonesia. Jadi tak adillah kalau cakap Pulau Borneo terbesar di Malaysia kan. Tajuk artikel aku kali ni ialah pulau-pulau terbesar di Malaysia. Nampak tak bezanya? Tak nampak? Ikut ko la labuuu. Saja nak promosikan pelancongan di Malaysia di kalangan rakyat Malaysia. Boleh buat cuti-cuti Malaysia masa cuti sekolah. Nak tahu 5 pulau terbesar di Malaysia, gi baca artikel di bawah ni. Siap ada gambar pulau-pulau tu lagi. Yang menariknya pulau ke-1 dan ke-2 besar di Malaysia ni aku langsung tak pernah dengar sebelum ni hehe. Artikel kat bawah dalam English la. I hope you guys don’t mind. Melihat alam ciptaan Allah dapat pahala. Yang dapat dosa bila lihat alam, tapi lupa dan lalai dalam solat.

Malaysia has quickly become one of the most visited places in South East Asia and there is no doubt that it has some really good islands around that is not only attracting the Asian tourists, but many other people from European countries and even America are now visiting these islands because they are newly found and they can provide a whole lot of new experience to the people who are already tired of visiting the same islands over and over in Europe. Here we will take a look at the top 5 largest islands in Malaysia that can dazzle you with their natural beauty.

1. Banggi Island

(photo: Stefans)

The Banggi Island is certainly the largest island in Malaysia and therefore you will find a lot of different culture and people here. You can definitely enjoy the actual culture of Malaysia here and you will even find some good and cheap accommodation here at the island. If you want to enjoy Malaysia and take a closer look at how people survive in Malaysia then you should definitely come down to Banggi Island and take a look around and probably you can even take some great pictures of some unbelievable landscapes. The island is located in the Kudat Division of Sabah and has an area of 440.7 sq. kilometers

2. Betruit Island

This one is also a nice island that you should not miss out when you are in Malaysia. This one is the second largest island in Malaysia and is located in the state of Sarawak. This island also has Rajang River which is the largest river in entire Malaysia so you can head to see that if you are interested in taking look at some great landscapes. The island is famous for sea fishing and farming and hence you will find lot of oil palm plantations here on the island.

3. Langkawi Island

(photo: Waytogofbi)

This island is also known as Jewel of Kedah and it is 30 kilometers off the mainland of Malaysia. The island is a part of State of Kedah and it’s a duty free island. The island already has the World GeoPark status given by UNESCO which brings in more tourists every year. The Machincang Cambrian Geoforest Park, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park and Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest park fall under the Langkawi Geopark areas.

4. Penang Island

(photo: Z-ircon)

This island was earlier named as the Prince of Wales Island, but later changed to Penang Island. The island is also called as Pulau Pinang. This is the most populated islands of all in Malaysia and therefore you will find that there is a lot of night activities here and you not only enjoy your day time travel but you can also experience some night life here.

5. Layang Layang Island

(photo: Travelmania)

If you want to take a look at some incredibly great landscapes then come to Layang Layang island that falls in Spratly Islands. You will find some of the bluest seas here at the island along with some great resort experience.

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