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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Travel Moments: Turtles Mating Spotted at Turtle Bay, Redang Island, MALAYSIA

Travel Moments: Turtles Mating Spotted at Turtle Bay, Redang Island, MALAYSIA

This one of the moments that when it happened without me. Rachel went to Redang Island a few years back with her buddies in an all girls trip and had a great time snorkeling around Turtle Bay. Luckily, Rachel is a good swimmer and she enjoys snorkeling without a life jacket, something which I couldn’t do.

There’s always a reason a place is called Turtle Bay, obviously there’s a lot of turtles. Well, it’s not by pure luck, so far I bumped to the wild turtles on each of my trips to Turtle Bay. In fact there are also sightings of baby sharks near the beach off Redang Island Beach resort.
As amazing Redang could be, Rachel experienced a much more amazing sight. Three turtles were spotted together at once.

turtle bay3

Two turtles were mating and the last one was chasing them. The whole “drama” lasted at least 15 to 20 minutes.

turtle bay2

Mating session, please do not interrupt!

turtle bay4

Can you spot the ****?

turtle bay1

The two turtles were cuddling and kissing while the envy third tried to interrupt them. With the help of the “beach boys”, Rachel managed to capture the mating sequences on picture and video. Well, swimming and taking underwater pictures and video is not an easy task.

turtle bay5

Well, that’s my wife, Rachel.

It was one of the best travel moments for Rachel. And this is one of the more reasons why Redang Island remains my favourite island getaway!

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