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Friday, August 20, 2010

Untuk dijual : CRC 808 Silicone Spray 500ml

Annoying Belt Squeal on Supercharged V6
Belt Squeal on Supercharged V6's has become such a problem these days there are a number of enquiries from Customers and Holden Dealers to us asking how we solve it. Whether your Supercharged V6 still has the Factory Stock 6psi Pulley or any one of an Upgraded Boost Pulley, chances are you have experience some degree of Belt Noise or Squeal.
The Problem seems to become more apparent in Winter Time when there is a lot of Moisture and Dew in the air. This problem is even further exasberated when the car is left outside overnight (not in garage) as the moisture and mildew are able to contaminate the belt, leading to Belt Squeal on start up and for the next 5-10mins of driving or more.
So its Belt Squeal - Big Deal, get over it ! Turn the Stereo up, Problem Solved (Jokes) !
Don't get us wrong, we have a sense of humour and yes this is very funny, but for some the annoyance of Belt Squeal on their Supercharged V6 is a very frustrating daily issue.
Well Supercharged V6 Fans, you'll be Happy to know we have Solved the Problem !
We have received Nationwide Praise and Commendations from Holden Dealer Service and Customers Australia Wide for solving this very small but frustrating enough problem.
The Solution is CRC Silicone Spray !!
Simply Spray your Belts, Pulleys and Idlers every morning for 3 mornings in a row whilst the engine is running. Give it a good liberal spray all over the belts and idlers, don't worry about the thoughts the Belts and Pulleys will Slip because they wont, we guarantee it. We have been using this method for over 3 years now and it works PERFECT !
Note: You HAVE to use CRC SILICONE Spray
Regular CRC or WD40 or other brands of penetrating oils will not work !!
We hope we have made your day and solved that annoying Belt Squeal for you !

- Juga digunakan melembutkan getah getah/silicone contohnya kat tepi tingkap kereta, pintu kereta dan sebagainya
- Price RM35/can
- COD area Puchong.
- Currier + RM10
- Contact : 013-363 4262

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