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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Metabolisma Badan penting untuk menguruskan badan,bagaimana meningkatkan metabolisma badan?

Metabolisma badan adalah penting dalam proses menjaga kesihatan badan dan menguruskan badan...

Selain genetik,gaya hidup seharian memberi kesan kepada metabolisma badan..bagaimana kah cara untuk meningkatkan metabolisma badan???

Jom baca tips dari mama-cantik

High level of metabolism is the key
to lose weight as metabolism helps to break down nutrients in your bloodstream. Although genetic plays a big influence of your body metabolism level, there are still other ways that can be done to speed up your metabolism.

The most basic way is by drinking a lot of water. You must drink 8 glasses of water a day to maintain an optimal metabolism rate since the
fat burning process of metabolism needs water to work effectively. Water also helps to clear your digestive system and eliminate accumulated toxins of excess substances. It is proven too that drinking cold water can boost your metabolismtemporarily!

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