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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Yeah, the real battle has begin, local telcos Digi and Maxis race against each other to offer best value for a newly launched iphone 4 which officially started last Friday or on September 24 to be exact. Just for the record, iPhone 4 is the latest release of Apple’s mobile phone featuring a five-megapixel camera with LED flash, high-definition video recording and up to 40% longer talk time. Does anyone still blur about this gadget ke?

As a matter of fact, despite the higher price as compared with other phones within its category, iphone 4 sold in malaysia like ‘goreng pisang panas’ as mentioned by fellow blogger bro And for those who are still considering buying this phone, there are two different offers to be chosen, either through Maxis or Digi iphone 4 plan. Both telcos are offering competitive packages for consumers.

Maxis is offering its iphone 4 plan like the table below:

For better insight, feel free to browse the maxis iphone 4 plan.

While for Digi, the promotion begins with :

For further details, have a look at digi iphone 4 plan.

So which one is better? Maxis or Digi’s plan? Which one is the best deal for ringgit? well the answer remains with the consumers themselves based on their own needs and budgets. by the way how about Celcom? senyap je…does celcom have any attractive plan for iphone 4?

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