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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Megamind in 3D

Animation lovers can now feast on the latest release in the movies - Megamind from the all too famous Dreamworks SKG. Premiered on 4th November (2 days back), this is one hot movie in the cinemas

There's no need to mention on the fantabulous CGI works - it's just the everyday meal of the people in Dreamworks. However, it is interesting to note that Animation movies nowadays are increasinglyloaded with messages; directly and also if you read in between the lines. As such, animation movies like Megamind is definitely not a kid's breakfast, but actually a 'meal' for everyone; young and old.

Unlike Toy Story which has a couple of main character and a lot of 'co-actors', Megamind is basically focused on three main characters - Megamind (the villain), Metroman (the hero) and Roxanne (the heroin) and supported by 'co-actors' Hal (Roxanne's work partner) and Minnion (Megamind's sidekick). At a glance, especially for those who have seen it's trailer before, Megamind seems to be just another Villain vs Hero movie where in the end, the villain loses. However, as the tagline of this movie says 'Superhero movies will never be the same' Megamind did give movie goers a twist of fate - one that is not expected from a movie of this kind. Hehe, I am not going to tell you what it is. Go and watch Megamind guys!

As I've mentioned earlier, Megamind is stuffed with lots of useful messages, which is actually practical in our daily lives. Firstly, Megamind thought us that life without challenges is not a life to be enjoyed. Imagine our lives without even a tiny speck of problem at all. Imagine a life without the need to think. Imagine a life without the need to get up from bed and getting everything that you want from there. Yeah, we may think, "What's wrong by having a life without problem then?" We may think so, but Megamind showed the reality of that clearly.

Second - A man can go crazy because of a woman; no matter he is a pious man or an evil one. Women has that magical power to transform a man into something that he has never thought off possible. Sincerely, a man might look rock solid externally, but his heart is the weakest point. Pull a man's arm your way and he would pull your whole body his way, but grab a man's heart and he is yours! (This is my copyright quote ok. Use only with permission!) Hehehe!

Third - We live in a life full of choices (just like what I've mentioned in my recent entry 'Warlord's Election Day') and we will always have a choice in everything. The choice to proceed against quitting. The choice of eating against dieting. The choice of getting angry over being calm and patient. The choice of being silent over talking. Nobody can deny our right to choose. Others may question or ridicule, but it is us who decide. Not them!

Fourth - Be ourselves. Trying to be like others is just an impersonation. We might be able to do that, but it won't be long before our trueselves emerge all by itself. In fact, most of the time, it is our real selves that is loved and adored by others whether we realize it or not. If we are naturally a quiet person, don't push ourselves to be talkative just to please others. We might end up losing friends due to our lack of knowledge in our 'new' personality.

There...four messages that I've managed to scoop up from in between the lines in Megamind. There are others of course like the importance of friendship and not judging a book by its cover but these are readily seen messages in Megamind.

Don't believe that these messages can be obtained in an animation movie? My advice - go out and watch Megamind and try to dive deep into the story rather than just laugh at the many, many funny dialogues and scenes.

Laughter is a mind theraphy, but absorbing the messages is food for our heart and soul!

Have fun!!

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